Sidd Maini

Learning Visionary & Director with 11+ years of experience in technology, online learning, UX, & Strategy

Sidd Maini currently works as a the Director of User & Learning Experience for the Data Science program at Indiana University. He joined the Indiana University as a Web Developer in May of 2007. He has worked on projects such as Future Systems and NASA's QuakeSim.

He was part of a team with Josh Rosen and Marlon Pierce that developed an Audio-Video collaboration tool called AVATS that was used for broadcasting the entire e-Science 2008 conference to audiences around the world. He currently manages and leads projects with hands-on work in user experience design, design research, and web development. His latest projects include: e-Humanity and the Big Data MOOC. He earned his first MS degree in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management from the Kent State University and a second MS degree in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) from the Indiana University. He also holds a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Pune, India. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, dancing, hiking, and watching movies. He loves dancing Tango and he enjoys doing Pranayama and Yoga.

He has also conducted user experience research in the field of healthcare. His next generation healthcare concept was amongst the best submissions to Economist-InnoCentive Healthcare Information Economy Challenge. He has also conducted user interviews for a study titled "Interaction Design Decisions of Health Information Systems". He completed a study on the "Cultural Identity in the Digital Age" as part of his Master's thesis in Human Computer Interaction.

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